Hallo, Freunde! Everything all nektar, meine Schätze? I certainly hope so! So you wanna know the endless complex machinations of the prosecuting rock Adonis, eh? Of course you, I mean..who doesn't?~ I'm a wellspring of knowledge and my soul is singing; you think you can handle this? Let's rock!

About This Blog

Hello friends, I thought I would make a couple points about this blog.

  • Questions can be directed to “Klavier Gavin” or myself; I go by his Eurpoean name “Konrad.”
  • All questions are answered in queue, and the flux adjusts to events I am currently hosting or amount of questions received.
  • This is an “ask” blog, with a primary goal to ask an idealized version of Klavier Gavin questions.  This is not a ‘roleplaying (RP)’ blog, as it defeats the purpose, and with that being said, reblogging will be at a minimum.  This is not because I do not enjoy it, but because I feel it takes away from the fan questions, and encourages more to ask.
  • For those who have followed me thius far, as you can see, my blog is going through a facelift (and I can use help! so if you have it to recommend, please let me know).  I hope changes to be complete soon.

That is all for announcements, enjoy everyone!