Hallo, Freunde! Everything all nektar, meine Schätze? I certainly hope so! So you wanna know the endless complex machinations of the prosecuting rock Adonis, eh? Of course you, I mean..who doesn't?~ I'm a wellspring of knowledge and my soul is singing; you think you can handle this? Let's rock!

As you can see, not many posts, that’s because I responded with valentine cards instead!  Hope you all liked them!

It’s been a beautiful day, don’t you guys think?  I hope each one of you gets love somewhere in some form.

And know that you will always have my friendship and consolation.

Best wishes,

PS. Working on a special drawing that I’ll post as soon as I’m done with it!

  1. askemaskye said: (( haha, it was great. Thanks Konrad c: ))
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